Asociación Civil Churchill de Rosario

School Songs
Rosario English School

Words and music by: W.M.Goodes

At the English School, at the English School

There is joy our whole school life through.

There's sunshine always in store there 

For comradeship stands at the door there.

The days fly past, we must leave at last,

But still, wherever we may roam,

There's a strong link cast

That will bind us fast

to the Rosario English School.

The song of The Shield

Come give forth a song, come, pass it along.

The Song of the Old School Shield.

Come send up a shout, within and without

from patio, classroom and field.

Our houses are three, but one we shall be,

to honour the old school name

and armed are we thrice with this happy device

Hudson, Canning and Cunninghame Graham.


                     Then work for it, play for it, never

                     say die:

                     Try hard! Do your best! Play the game!

                     Till honour shall dwell with the

                     names loved so well

                     Hudson, Canning and Cunninghame Graham.


Then forth to the field and follow the Shield,

remember the days of yore:

each one in the host be true to his post,

and quit him as never before.

Together in soul, we strike for the goal,

and each with a single aim:

for none shall divide these houses allied

Hudson, Canning and Cunninghame Graham.